Favourite Poems
A Heifer Clambers Up Gary Snyder Rolling In — Gary Snyder
Robin 1 2 3 4 — Gary Snyder After Work — Gary Snyder
Black Hair — Afghan of Muhammadji Crossing the Bar — Lord Tennyson
Black Marigolds — quoted in Steinbeck Black Marigolds, Full — Chaura-panchasika
The Cherry Tree — A.E. Housman Twa Corbies — Popular
To His Coy Mistress — Andrew Marvell 'Daffodils' — William Wordsworth
Distich — Oumara Japanese drink song — Street song
The Eagle — Lord Tennyson The Fisherman — Li Po
I heard a fly buzz — Emily Dickinson Ghazal — Isch
Amazing Grace — Traditional Hammer and a Nail — Emily Saliers (lyric)
your slightest look... — E.E. Cummings (film) your slightest look... — E.E. Cummings (full)
Julia — Robert Herrick London — William Blake
A certain slant of light — Emily Dickinson The Tyger — William Blake
Values — from the Arabic Vengeance — Caucases ballad
The Willow-Leaf — Chang Chiu Ling A Girl's Yearning — Li Yu
on Westminster Bridge — William Wordsworth Song — Christina Rossetti
Uphill — Christina Rossetti A Thing Remembered — ? from the Arabic
I Asked A Thief — William Blake The Sick Rose — William Blake
The Negro Speaks of Rivers — Langston Hughes Song of the Pines — Po Chu-I
The Poison Tree — William Blake Ripe Plums Are Falling — Book of Songs
Shade of the Orange Leaves — Tin-Tun-Ling In a Station of the Metro — Ezra Pound
may i feel said he — E.E. Cummings The Red Wheelbarrow — William Carlos Williams
Moon Song — Mildred P. Meigs The Raggedy Man — James W. Riley
The Swing — R. L. Stevenson Harlem — Langston Hughes
Jamaican Farewell — Traditional Paramitas — Zen
To A Poor Old Woman — William Carlos Williams A Red, Red Rose — Robert Burns
To Lady Mori — Ikkyu Nature's Way — Ikkyu
By the Winding River I — Tu Fu New Moon — Tu Fu
Country Cottage — Tu Fu Sunset — Tu Fu
Ode to Ironing — Pablo Neruda Water — Pablo Neruda
Love Sonnet XII — Pablo Neruda The Panther — Rainer Maria Rilke
In the Palace — Tu Sin Yu Submission — from the Siamese
Proposal of Marriage — Song of Kafiristan Some Beasts — Pablo Neruda
The Planned Child — Sharon Olds Tao Te Ching — tr. Ray Grigg
The White Pony — Book of Songs Lament in Good Weather — Lucia Perillo
Mercutio dreams— Shakespeare Take the I Out— Sharon Olds
Tso Banquet— Tu Fu Love Song of Tibet— tr. Powys Mathers
Pour Us Wine— Ibn Kolthum Peace of Wild Things— Wendell Berry
Garden of Bright Waters— E. Powys Mathers Abla— E. Powys Mathers
Custard the Dragon— Ogden Nash I can no longer take my life for granted— Hillary North
Lesbia Railing— Catullus/Swift In January — Ted Kooser
Selecting a Reader— Ted Kooser Flying at Night— Ted Kooser
A Birthday Poem— Ted Kooser My Husband's Back— Susan Minot
The Cylons— Battlestar Galactica Loafing— Raymond Carver
Hoeing— John Updike Sunday Morning, Late August— Deborah Cummins
My Mind's Eye Opens Before The Light Gets Up— Deborah Cummins Passage— Deborah Cummins
Creed— Meg Kearney The Trouble with Creation— Meg Kearney
Little Sisters— Sonia Gernes Anger— C.K. Williams
Unforeseen— Reid Bush Alcatraz— Sharon Olds
Please Fire Me— Deborah Garrison The Poet— Jane Hirshfield
The Faces of Children— Elizabeth Spires Westron wind, when wilt thou blow— Anonymous
Days— Philip Larkin Jenny Kiss'd Me— Leigh Hunt
Juliet— Hilaire Belloc A Thunderstorm in Town— Thomas Hardy
To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time— Robert Herrick Chop-Cherry— Robert Herrick
Picture in a Frame— Tom Waits Betty's Diner— Carrie Newcomer
Getting By— Gary L. Lark Self-Exam— Sharon Olds
I Close My Eyes— David Ignatow The Museum of Stones— Carolyn Forch
I Love The Way Men Crack— Ellen Bass Testament— Hayden Carruth
Life On Earth...— David Keplinger Coats— Jane Kenyon
Day Bath— Debra Spencer Upon Seeing an Ultrasound Photo of an Unborn Child— Thomas Lux
Toast— Susan Deborah King Gate C22— Ellen Bass
Getting By— Gary L. Lark Three Songs at the End of Summer— Jane Kenyon
Love's Philosophy— Percy Bysshe Shelley Baby Girl Found— Francette Cerulli
The Lake Isle of Innisfree— W. B. Yeats A Drinking Song— W. B. Yeats
The Faces of Children— Elizabeth Spires Above Pate Valley— Gary Snyder
February— Margaret Atwood Echocardiogram— Suzanne Cleary
In The Middle of the Road— Elizabeth Bishop I Married You— Linda Pastan
Things You Didn't Put On Your Resumé— Joyce Sutphen Great Cathedrals— George Bilgere
In The Middle— Barbara Crooker The Rites of Manhood— The Rites of Manhood
Grapefruit— Ted McMahon Afraid So— Jeanne Marie Beaumont
Top Of My Lungs— Natalie Goldberg Looking for a Rest Area— Stephen Dunn
The Waitresses— Matt Cook Marry Me— Veronica Patterson
A Primer of the Daily Round— Howard Nemerov Vinegar and Oil— Jane Hirschfield
Lesson— Robin Robertson The Park Drunk— Robin Robertson
Dream of the Huntress— Robin Robertson Venery— Robin Robertson
Artichoke— Robin Robertson What the Horses See at Night— Robin Robertson
Wedding The Locksmith's Daughter— Robin Robertson Ticket— Meg Kearney
French Horn— Jane Hirshfield The Cherry Tree— David Wagoner
Forgotten Fountain— W.S. Merwin Rendezvous— Ted McMahon
Everybody— Marie Sheppard Williams i like my body— E.E. Cummings
Baby Wrens' Voices— Thomas R. Smith The Most Careless Girl in the Class Had the Most Exquisite Body— Erica Ehrenberg
The Accompanist— Dick Allen Bushwick: Latex Flat— D. Nurkse
Father, Child, Water— Gary Dop Ozymandias— Percy Bysshe Shelley
Grecian Temples— George Bilgere Ground Waters— Alison Apotheker
To Daffodils— Robert Herrick After a Noisy Night— Laure-Anne Bosselaar
Ground Waters— Alison Apotheker The Faces of Children— Elizabeth Spires
For the Anniversary of My Death— W.S. Merwin Ode to The God of Atheists— Ellen Bass
When You Return— Ellen Bass Complaint— William Carlos Williams
the hookers, the madmen and the doomed— Charles Bukowski I started Early – Took my Dog— Emily Dickinson
Manna— Joseph Stroud At the Office Holiday Party— Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz
The Sum of a Man— Norah Pollard Waiting— William Carlos Williams
Smell— William Carlos Williams Missoula in a Dusty Light— John Haines
Onions— William Matthews Cher— Dorianne Laux
Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market— Pablo Neruda First Thanksgiving— Sharon Olds
The Glass and the Bowl— Louise Erdrich Life Cycle of a Helium Balloon— Amy Baldwin
Old Bones— Gary Snyder Spring is like a perhaps hand— e.e. cummings
Goods— Wendell Berry In the Late Season— Tom Hennen
VII— Wendell Berry The Country— Billy Collins
Those Winter Sundays— Robert Hayden The Rockettes— John Updike
Claim— Kasey Jueds For Fathers of Girls— Stephen Dunn
The Fishermen's Farewell— Robin Robertson Leaning In— Sue Ellen Thompson
Thaw— Edward Thomas Cher— Dorianne Laux
At the Very Lengthy Meeting— Kevin McCaffrey Directions— Joseph Stroud
By the Front Door— W. S. Merwin Spring Evening on Blind Mountain— Louise Erdrich
a song with no end— Charles Bukowski April Rain Song— Langston Hughes
Husbands— Pauletta Hansel I Have A Time Machine— Brenda Shaughnessy
My Life's Stem Was Cut— Helen Dunmore