The Most Careless Girl in the Class Had the Most Exquisite Body
The most careless girl in the class had the most exquisite body, the constant proximity of which exhausted us, not least because her awkwardness, so unlike ours, manifested itself as a license to kick off all consciousness of her limbs like a branch one smacks out of one's face in the woods in an act of defiance, almost contempt, whose ironic outcome was the deepest inhabitation of flesh I have ever seen. It was through her body that I wanted to pass close to the bodies of the boys. She would take me home with her and all but throw me into the dark dynamics of her empty-seeming household, which I felt to be hung with heavily stitched draperies that concealed not only the rooms but the beings inside. She took me there and spun me into her weird intimacy in which my own self-consciousness was a pestering insect— stupid, negligible. She would speak to people, to men, to anyone in the streets and walk just as quickly off, implicating me in the desire she aroused, her uncontainability streaking through me a blazing trail of lights from high in the whitest part of my head down into my lungs, my entrails, the part of me that wasn't breathing. Erica Ehrenberg