Betty's Diner
Miranda works the late night counter in a joint called Betty’s Diner chrome and checkered tablecloths one steamy windowpane she got the job that shaky fall and after hours she’ll write till dawn with a nod and smile she serves them all Chorus here we are all in one place the wants and wounds of the human race despair and hope sit face to face when you come in from the cold let her fill your cup with something kind eggs and toast like bread and wine she’s heard it all so she don’t mind Arthur lets his Earl Grey steep since April it’s been hard to sleep you know they tried most everything yet it took her in the end Kevin tests new saxophones but swears he’s leaving quality control for the Chicago scene, or New Orleans where they still play righteous horns Chorus Jack studies here after work to get past high school he’s the first and his large hands seem just as comfortable with a hammer or a pen Emma leaned and kissed his cheek and when she did his knees got weak Miranda smiles at Em and winks Chorus Bridge you never know who’ll be your witness you never know who grants forgiveness look to heaven or sit with us Deidra bites her lip and frowns she works the Stop and Go downtown she’s pretty good at the crossword page she paints her eyes blue black Tristan comes along sometimes small for his age and barely five but she loves him like a mamma lion Veda used to drink a lot almost lost it all before she stopped comes in at night with her friend Mike who runs the crisis line Michael toured Saigon and back hair the color of smoke and ash their heads are bowed and their hands are clasped one more storm has passed Carrie Newcomer (lyric)