In the bitter radish that bites into me, I feel the autumn wind BASHO A few stars are now to be seen, – and frogs are croaking YAYU Plum-blossoms here and there, It is good to go north, Good to go south. BUSON Rape-flowers; Not visiting the priest, but passing by. BUSON Sharpening the sickle, the goose-foot looks as if grieving. MEISETSU Morning cold; the voices of travellers leaving the inn. TAIGI These flowers of the plum – How red, how red they are, How red, indeed! IZEN Along the seashore fall the waves, fall and hiss, fall and hiss. IZEN Through the cedars whew, whew, whew whistles the breeze. IZEN The bright autumn moon: Sea-lice running over the stones. TORIN In the spring breeze the snowy heron flies white among the pine trees. RAIZAN Baby mice in their nest squeak in response to the young sparrows. BASHO Summer grasses; along the path to the mountain temple, stone images of Buddha. GOJO A mountain temple; clear water running under the verandah, moss at the sides. KITO The waterfall thunders down into the rank leaves. SHIRO In the dawn, whales roaring; a frosty sea. GYODAI The people next door have stopped grinding the mortar: cold rain at night. YAHA The sound of the carp, the water faintly dark, the plum-blossoms white. URYU A spring day; they open the folding-doors of the great temple. GUSAI Here and there, frogs croaking in the night, stars shining. KIKAKU In the winter storm the cat keeps on blinking its eyes. YASO With the young trout in the valley a leaf of the dwarf bamboo floats away. BUSON A summer shower; green pine needles stick in the sand. SHIKI The old pond; A frog jumps in, The sound of the water. BASHO Summer in the world; floating on the waves of the lake. BASHO Just simply alive, both of us, I and the poppy. ISSA Mushroom hunting; raising my head, the moon over the peak. BUSON The moon about to appear, all present tonight with their hands on their knees. BASHO I go; thou stayest; two autumns. BUSON The mountain guide simply takes no notice of the cherry blossoms. BUSON Do the tea-pickers also, hidden in the bushes, hear the hototogishu? BASHO The puppy that knows not that autumn has come is a Buddha ISSA