Proposal Of Marriage
Your eyes are black like water-melon pips, Your lips are red like the red flesh of water-melons, Your loins are smooth like smooth-rind water-melons. You are more beautiful than my favourite among mares, Your buttocks are sleeker and firmer, Like her your movements are on legs of light steel. Come and sit at my hearth, and I will celebrate your coming; I will choose from the hundred flocks of each a hundred, Passing at the foot of the Himalaya, The two most silky and most beautiful great sheep. We will go to the temple and sacrifice one of the two To the god Pandu, that you may have many children; And I will kill the other and roast it whole, My most fair rose-tree serving as a spit. I will ask the prettiest eaters and the prettiest drinkers; And while they eat and drink greatly for three days, I will wind silver rings upon your arms and feet And hang a chain of river gold about your neck. Popular Song of Kafiristan Rendered by Powys Mathers