this poem is for bear
"As for me I am a child of the god of the mountains." A bear down under the cliff. She is eating huckleberries. They are ripe now Soon it will snow, and she Or maybe he, will crawl into a hole And sleep. You can see Huckleberries in bearshit if you Look, this time of year If I sneak up on the bear It will grunt and run The others had all gone down From the blackberry brambles, but one girl Spilled her basket, and was picking up her Berries in the dark. A tall man stood in the shadow, took her arm, Led her to his home. He was a bear. In a house under the mountain She gave birth to slick dark children With sharp teeth, and lived in the hollow Mountain many years. snare a bear: call him out: honey-eater forest apple light-foot Old man in the fur coat, Bear! come out! Die of your own choice! Grandfather black-food! this girl married a bear Who rules in the mountains, Bear! you have eaten many berries you have caught many fish you have frightened many people Twelve species north of Mexico Sucking their paws in the long winter Tearing the high-strung caches down Whining, crying, jacking off (Odysseus was a bear) Bear-cubs gnawing the soft tits Teeth gritted, eyes screwed tight but she let them. Til her brothers found the place Chased her husband up the gorge Cornered him in the rocks. Song of the snared bear: "Give me my belt. "I am near death. "I came from the mountain caves "At the headwaters, "The small streams there "Are all dried up. – I think I'll go hunt bears. "hunt bears? Why shit Snyder. You couldn't hit a bear in the ass with a handful of rice!" Gary Snyder